Millions of people may have been forced to give up whole of life insurance cover because premiums became too high.

Might you be one of them?

If you surrendered a whole of life insurance policy because premiums became too high, you could be eligible for substantial compensation.

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Millions of UK consumers may have been affected

You are not alone. It has come to light that certain big name insurance companies have been raising premiums so much that there was no sensible option for customers but to cancel their policy leaving them without the protection they’d been paying towards for years.


Sound familiar? You could be entitled to substantial compensation.

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We can help you recover damages

WLI Claims can help you recover damages for wrongdoing that may have affected millions of UK consumers. Your claim could result in significant compensation, regardless of when the policy was taken out. 


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By working with us, you, or an affected family member, will benefit from a law firm which has been in existence for over 150 years. We will do our utmost to ensure every claim leads to the financial compensation it deserves.


We will consider each claim and, depending on its circumstances, may then incorporate it into our group litigation strategy. Should we not choose your claim to join this class action, we may still work with you to pursue your claim separately.

The law is on your side - underpinned by regulatory obligations designed to protect you as a consumer

By devising life insurance products with unreasonable and unjustified premium increases, some life insurers were not only acting in their own interests, they failed to comply with clear and explicit regulations. It means policyholders who surrendered policies might have strong cases against those insurers, and claims which the senior personnel at those companies are obligated by the regulations to address.

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